Rotary Melbourne’s Environmental Sustainability Food Waste Event

Rotary Melbourne’s World Environment Day Event Panel featured; Lord Mayor Sally Capp, Professor John Thwaites, food critic Matt Preston, United African Farm’s Abiola Ajetomobi, and SecondBite’s Steve Clifford.

Bee Friendly Gardens

Bees, and other pollinators such as butterflies, birds, bats, and insects, pollinate plants, and veggie patches while boosting the colour and beauty of our gardens. Their pollinating activities are crucial to food security as well as being vitally important in sustaining eco-systems, and enhancing biodiversity by helping plants reproduce.

The Effects of War on the Environment

It’s hard not to think of the effect the war in Ukraine is having on the environment. The link between Peace and the Environment is inextricably linked, there is no doubt that as well as the humanitarian crises that is now unfolding the world will suffer an environmental one too. The following article published byContinue reading “The Effects of War on the Environment”