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The Inaugural Rotary Melbourne Environmental Sustainability Award

Presenting Claire Moore – Award Recipient Claire Moore is the Founder and CEO of Sweet Justice Ltd a Social Enterprise teaching Beekeeping within the Justice System. Claire was the 2019 Agrifutures Rural Woman of the Year for Beekeeping. During a radio conversation with Jon Faine on ABC, Jon mentioned a beekeeping program in the UnitedContinue reading “The Inaugural Rotary Melbourne Environmental Sustainability Award”

Lowering Carbon Emissions

Agriculture in Australia currently accounts for 14 per cent of the nation’s total emissions and initiatives are being undertaken by individual farmers, and various farmers’ groups to assist Australia in getting to net zero by 2030 or 2050.

Community Protection Pledge Climate Control

It’s confronting to think about how extreme weather events like floods and storms disrupt so many aspects of our life, and put us all in danger. Even more confronting is the fact that climate change is supercharging these disasters.

Towards Net Zero

Our Club can be one of the first Rotary Clubs in the world to achieve net zero emissions from meetings and events. One way to achieve this is by using public transport as much as possible.

Food Waste and the Environment

To create awareness of the impact of food waste on the environment
Rotary Melbourne partnered with OzHarvest and the City of Melbourne to present a lunch at Cumulus Inc on 1st May as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2021.

Melbourne Pollinator Corridor

As an exclusive preview to Emma Cutting’s appearance on Costa’s Georgiadis’s show Gardening Australia, you are invited on a walking tour of urban street gardens by Emma.


A most beautiful article published in the New Yorker, beautifully illustrated, a delight to the senses, covering a concerning topic. Every November, around the Day of the Dead, millions of monarch butterflies descend on a forest of oyamel firs in the mountains of central Mexico. The butterflies have never seen the forest before, but theyContinue reading “SAVING THE BUTTERFLY FOREST”


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