The Effects of War on the Environment

It’s hard not to think of the effect the war in Ukraine is having on the environment.

The link between Peace and the Environment is inextricably linked, there is no doubt that as well as the humanitarian crises that is now unfolding the world will suffer an environmental one too.

The following article published by Wired on March 3, 2022 discsses the environmental impact of the ongoing conflict.

Ukraine Is in an Environmental Crisis Too

Russia’s attack is literally tearing the country apart, polluting air and water. Ukrainians will suffer long after the conflict ends.

Ukrainian scientists have warned that the risks to the region could be “more deep and dangerous than Chernobyl.”

Wired March 3, 2022

Contributions to Rotary International’s Disaster Response Fund are temporarily being prioritized for humanitarian aid to districts impacted by the Ukraine crisis: To donate click on the following link: Disaster Response Fund

Picture from Wired, March 3, 2022

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